Digital Unify Lab

“ST Foundation’s mission is primarily to develop, coordinate and sponsor projects, that employ the use of modern sciences and high technology to promote human progress and sustainable development of less privileged communities around the world.

ST Foundation

  • operates in one or both of the following geographical regions: in developing countries in which there is a need to overcome social, economic, and technological inequalities to achieve human progress and economic growth; in countries where STMicroelectronics has a strong presence, including specific areas of developed countries where economic distress still persist.
  • seeks to encourage the culture of non-profit, and volunteerism amongst STMicroelectronics employees, through actions such as the active involvement of ST employees worldwide in our projects with the creation of the so called local communities (groups of employees who support our activity dedicating their spare time to the DU cause).
  • Take a look to our institutional video to find out more!”

Perlatecnica è accreditata Digital Unify Lab dalla Fondazione di STMicroelectronics, e per conto di questa tiene presso la propria sede corsi gratuiti di alfabetizzazione informatica.

Il calendario e le informazioni su come aderire ai corsi “Digital Unify” vengono pubblicate sulla pagina Facebook dell’Associazione.